​​​​​​​It’s too late to do anything about guns. There’s one in circulation for every American, and counting. But bullets are still up for grabs.

We are committed to licensing bullets, the only viable solution to gun violence in America. We are committed to hiring Washington lobbyists , so that Congress passes legislation that licenses the purchase of bullets. A bullet license will prohibit those that shouldn’t be able to buy them.  A bullet license will end the futile attempts of organizations that seek donations from Americans to fight the firmly entrenched gun lobby. So help us work to license bullets. Because you can’t fire a gun without them.

Everyday, 90 people in America die from gun violence.  Everyday, seven children and teens die from guns.

As a result of the unspeakable Newtown massacre, guns in the classroom have become an ongoing debate. Now, with the NRA endorsement of presidential candidate Donald Trump, he characteristically flipped on the issue in the same breath: "I don’t want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly, because the things that are going on in our schools are unbelievable." Then, he added, "I’m not advocating guns in classrooms, but remember in some cases … trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms.”

On the left, the proposed ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips ignores the fact that, regardless of the firepower, any gun that shoots bullets can kill. The loss of one person to gun violence is one too many.

No doubt, the gun debate in America will continue to be a lethal waste of time, when licensing bullets has the potential to end legislative gridlock once and for all.

First off, licensing the sale of ammunition in no way falls under the second amendment prohibition on gun control. You have a right to bear arms, but there's no mention of bearing bullets.  At a time when gun violence has reached epidemic proportions, even a strict constructionist would have to go along.

Today, too few states and municipalities subject purchasers to background checks. Gun vendors are not required to be licensed, keep records of ammo sales or even request a purchaser to show proof of age. While federal law bans mail-order and Internet firearm transactions, sales of ammunition by mail or online are not subject to federal oversight.

Today, you need a license to braid hair, handle vegetation and train animals.  So why not a federal bullet license? Review the following bullet licensing requirements, and decide for yourself if they will help curb gun violence:

  • Firearm vendors nationwide would be required by federal law to sell ammunition only to purchasers who possess federally issued bullet licenses.
  • Bullet licenses will include the purchaser’s name, age, address, photo ID and license ID number.
  • The gun vendor is required by law to enter the ID number into a database, retrieving a current, federally approved background check before an ammo sale.
  • The vendor and purchaser are aware that unusual, excessive ammunition purchases will flag the FBI.
  • The products that go into the manufacture of bullets may only be purchased by licensed consumers.
  • The purchaser will report if a member of his or her household has illegally obtained access to his or her firearms, and warrant that both firearms and ammo are stored safely under lock and key.

It's too late to control guns and the people who use them irresponsibly. But with your help, bullets can be licensed.

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A federal bullet license will curb gun violence. Please donate what you can for a safer America.